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Want to go from ratty to polished? Our groomers can work their magic for any condition of coat. Look at some of these amazing before and after pictures!

We can take a coat like this and make your pooch sparkle!



Sometimes the hair is just a little unruly, let us bring out the potential in your adorable one!








Sometimes coat conditions require a "strip down" of the hair. As the hair regrows we can groom your pet into your desired style overtime. This is a great option for those times we find ourselves behind in coat maintenance.In this picture, the coat is matted together so we had to shave it off close to the skin. With hair matting like this, brushing out is impossible and would be very painful.

Some breeds build up a thick and full undercoat. These pets benefit from a good shampoo and conditioning, blow drying, and a thorough brush out. We use the FURminator® to gently remove undercoat and loose hair.It does take some extra time, but we like to go that extra mile. See how much hair we were able to remove from this undercoat? That will never be on the owners furniture! Frequent grooming prevents messy shedding!


We groom cats too! We can bathe, dry them, clip their nails, and brush them out. We also can shave your cat, even a short haired one. A shaved cat is a cat who rarely sheds! Perfect for the cat who hates brushing.

Some cats aren't the best groomers, and that is where we come in. Let us use our skill, patience, and technique to make them fresh and clean.

We use only natural flea shampoo and have many shampoo choices to benefit your cat. These cats are groomed in a lion-cut, a popular choice for today's feline.

No matter the breed, we can make it look its best! We can produce many different hair styles. Our goal is to make happy with your pets grooming.

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Important news about Coronavirus:

Our goal is to care for your pet while keeping you and our team as safe as possible. As veterinarians, part of our oath is to protect public health. We take our oath seriously. As veterinarians, we are experienced in treating and containing infectious disease. We are working to decrease the spread of coronavirus by instituting additional cleaning protocols including cleaning all surfaces between clients, frequent hand washing, wearing gloves and increasing social distancing. In response to the CDC recommendation to increase social distancing we will be instituting additional policies. Read more on Facebook at

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