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Jodie Moeding


I have been going to aap for over 14 years and Dr. Zucca and her staff are nothing but professional and understanding of every situation. They have nothing more than you and your pets best interests in mind.

All of the negative reviews are ridiculous. If you can't afford to take care of your pets - don't get one. And if you want to complain about how much their health costs then you need to reevaluate your decision to be a pet owner.  Pets are like members of your family and once you think that there is a price limit on their health .. well, yeah, you get the picture.

I always recommend people to Dr. Zucca and AAP.

7/21/2010 2 Check-ins Here

I don't know about the bad reviews here, but I was pleased with this place.

I had my 3 dogs come here for their spay and neuter. I was pretty worried about them going through surgery, but arriving at the place was pretty reassuring. All the workers were really nice and helpful. One of my dogs is a little more aggressive than the others and they were able to handle him with care, and were very understanding that he was scared about being there.

Their procedure went well, and I was able to pick all 3 up at the end of the day. They all had their cones and pain meds so they were set to go home.

The thing I liked about this place is that they don't charge you for any post-op check ups, which was really nice. Because vet appts can get pretty pricey. I was able to have them all checked up about a week after their surgery just to make sure that everything was healing okay. It was real easy to make an appointment too. They were always available to see them day of.

Everyone else seemed really happy with the service here as well, so it can't be as bad as others say. I trusted them with my pups, and they took care of them really well. I'm happy! :)

Michelle Denise P. Via YELP


The good people at All About Pets have been caring for our animals for almost 20 years. We originally went there because it was close to our home, but we now make the drive all the way from Folsom because the care is so good. They are cost conscious on behalf of their patients and, when possible, have even ordered Rx's for our pets from Wal Mart because it is cheaper. This actually costs All About Pets money because I would have never known this was possible and would have simply paid the full cost.

The love, care and concern that All About Pets provides is top notch. They are very good at diagnosing and treating, and they treat pets like members of their own family.

Thank you Dr. Zucca and all of the wonderful staff at All About Pets.

Maria E. Via YELP


The best place I could ever take my animals.  Everyone there from reception to techs to vets are kind, knowledgeable and professional.  Dr. Zucca seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to treating our pets.  All the veterinarians there are exceptional.  This place understands people live on a budget and don't always believe the best treatment is the most expensive treatment.  Love, love, love this place!

Lena F. Via YELP


i have been to many vets over the years but All About Pets and Dr. Zucca are far and away the absolute best.  She and the other vets are extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of animals.  i have taken my chickens, ducks, turkey, rabbit, and cats there and received excellent, caring treatment.  Dr. Zucca has always been very good at providing a number of treatment options, so i can choose what works best for our budget while still providing excellent care for my pets.  

When my eldest cat developed diabetes, she and her staff trained me how to test her myself so i would have the knowledge to care for her at home.  The staff was always available to answer any questions i had along the way.  Now, with Dr. Zucca's care, my cat has completely recovered and no longer needs daily injections.  

i have been there so many times, i'm about to graduate from having a folder to having a binder for all my pet's medical records.  And in all the time i have spent in the waiting room, i have NEVER seen them refuse treatment to an animal in crisis - like one review indicated.  Staff run to assist and get the animal straight back for evaluation and care.  Also, someone posted derogatory comments about the staff, which is ludicrous.  All the staff, from receptionists, to techs, to vets, to groomers are professional, courteous, kind, and caring - and clean.  

i urge everyone reading the reviews to take the negative comments with a grain of salt.  It's unfortunate that a few bad pet owners can tarnish the good reputation of the veterinarians and staff at All About Pets.  i, and many other loyal pet owners, will continue to take our pets there, without hesitation, to receive the best care around.

Colleen C. Via YELP


I have been going to this vet clinic since 1996 and have never had anything but outsounding service, compassionate doctors and friendly staff.  I have lost 3 dogs since attending this clinic and the manner in which they handled these difficult times was nothing less than amazing.  The vet came out to my car to administer the drugs to end my dogs suffering (2 died of cancer and were terminal at this point).  I'm not sure why Maya had such a bad experience because I've always been in the room when my dogs and cats were examined.  One vet tech even took my dog home each night with her to provide 24 hour round the clock care when he was recovering from bloat surgery and then from a pulmonary embolism.  I think the only reason he pulled through both critical conditions was due to their extra special loving care.  I've been to other vet clinics before this and have never been as impressed as I am with this clinic.  They've always gone the less expensive, less intrusive route first and never pressured me to go with the more expensive treatments.

Christie A. Via Yelp

Redhead ‎ - Sep 27, 2011
Dr. Zucca and her staff have been THE ONLY vets that have cared for my animals since my first dog TJ in 1989! They truly care about you and your pet's health and partner with you to come up with the best care options possible. They also realize that while most pet owners would do anything for their loving, furry-family members - money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees and is a part of the equation. I have used all of their services from grooming to boarding to surgery to that awful moment when you have to say your forever goodbyes. Their caring and compassion during every step of the way is what keeps me coming back - even now that I've moved across town! I will continue to see Dr. Zucca and her fine staff for every one of my pets to come.


PastorChris ‎ - Sep 2, 2011
We are big fans of All About Pets, for the staff in general, and for Dr. Zucca in particular. These folks are totally professional, but they also really love their patients (and their patient's owners). From lizards to cats to our beloved Bichon, the docs and staff have been so consistently compassionate and loving. We love the way they go the extra mile. Great work, AAP!


So caring, it's the little courtesies that count

by toughlovevetratersacarea at Citysearch 9/13/11

I have been to some awful clinics in the past, this is NOT one of them. I have seen the ridiculous "cookie cutter" clinics who seem to care more about making money than they care about the actual pets. Dr. Zucca and her staff are incredible and when I recently visited them they once again surprised me with how caring they are, I visited them on a really warm day and when I was led into an exam room the technician not only asked me if she could turn on the fan,or get an extra chair for my wife, but she also offered to get my panting pup a bowl of water. When I said that would be great she returned and really paid attention to him, you can really tell that the staff treats our pets as if they were their own. PLEASE do yourself and your pets a favour, run, don't walk to All About Pets.

 Best Vet in Citrus Heights Area
by bjp6225 at Citysearch 4/13/10

These people care about our 4 legged "kids" and give them the kind of care a pediatrician would a child. Caring and helpful at all times. I have been using them for over 15 years now and have been through some rough times with a Yorkie that had heart issues, a Pomeranian with knee issues, and another dog and bird as well. I would bring my pets to no other vet unless these went out of business. Their grooming people are outstanding as well. I highly recommend them to anyone that asks.

    * Pros: Doctors, tech staff, groomers
    * Cons: none

Excellent, caring vets and staff
by LaMarMitchell at Citysearch 6/29/09

I have taken all three of my rodents to see the vets at this place. All three of the vets have been kind, caring and knowledgeable with and about my rodenrs. Each of the vets has taken the time to explain what the symptoms mean and the various options available. When one of my rodents needed to be euthanized, the vet took the time make it as stressless as possible. Less than a week later I received a card in the mail signed by the entire office staff. They are open on Saturdays for no extra charge. Even though their office is quite a distance away it is worth the drive. I would not take my rodents any other place.

    * Pros: Very caring and concerned
    * Cons: Longer than anticipated wait

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  • "The best place I could ever take my animals. Everyone there from reception to techs to vets are kind, knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Zucca seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to treating our pets. All the veterinarians there are exceptional. This place understands people live on a budget and don't always believe the best treatment is the most expensive treatment. Love, love, love this place!"
    Lena F. / Citrus Heights, CA

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